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Since the 1930’s SJS has been a facility that recycles. All millings are collected and shipped back to the vendors to be reclaimed. All oil used in the milling and turning is recycled and reused. Any exhaust from our machines is collected and filtered and purified. It’s just been a part of how we have done business for almost a century.

WellTech Product line

WellTechWellTech is a wholly owned subsidiary of S. Johnson and Sons. Using CNC Turning and a process know as “gun drilling,” we create custom thermowells for many applications. We use standard materials like brass, stainless steel, and carbon steel or more exotic metals and high-performance alloys like Inconel, Hastelloy and titanium.

WellTech provides a wide variety of thermowells to many industries. Thermowells are used in industrial temperature measurement to provide isolation between a temperature sensor (often a thermocouple) and the environment whose temperature is to be measured. They are intrusive fittings and are subject to static and dynamic fluid forces. These forces govern fitting design. Vortex shedding is the dominant concern as it is capable of forcing the thermowell into flow-induced resonance and consequent fatigue failure. The latter is particularly significant at high fluid velocities.
WellTech currently uses the ASME Performance Test Code (PTC 19.3), which is the most widely used basis for thermowell design. It is currently being updated to cover a broader range of thermowell designs and fluid conditions.